Log into your swimmer(s) portal(s) at:

Enter the email and password you used when registering your swimmer.


At the homepage, click the meets tab at the top.

This will open the meets page. 

Here you will indicate whether or not you will attend the meet, and which day(s).

Click the expand button next to the swimmer’s name to select specific days of the meet.

If you know you will / will not attend the entire meet, just click the corresponding button to the right of their name (without expanding to select specific days).

If you expand to select specific days, you can also select specific sessions on the day.

Generally people would attend at least for a full day, however.

Scroll down to see all the sessions for the meet.

Check or uncheck the “attending this session” box as appropriate.

Once you have selected your sessions hit the yellow save button to the right of the swimmer’s name.

You MUST HIT SAVE for each swimmer or it will not save the selections for that swimmer.

Please log in and indicate your attendance, whether OR not you are attending. We then know you have responded and do not have to send further reminders. Also please respond by the requested date, or sooner if possible.

Remember all of your executive are volunteers – with swimmers of their own, working for free to make the team work for everyone. So please help them help you!